The experience is nothing short of incredible.

“I have had a few TRE sessions with Manjit as part of a holistic healing approach. The experience is nothing short of incredible. It is incomparable to anything else I’ve tried and I have found the impact of it to be very effective & long lasting.”


“I have taken part in several TRE sessions with Manjit Kaur and now practise the technique regularly at home. Each time I have had a different experience, but always a very positive one! I am fascinated by how the body holds onto traumatic or stressful experiences and how this can sometimes cause health problems. TRE can help us to let go of this tension in the body without the need to identify or go back over the cause. I have tightness in the hips and since starting to practise TRE I am noticing them becoming less tense and more flexible. After a session of TRE I feel extremely relaxed and less susceptible to stress. Manjit’s warm, caring professionalism helps to put participants at ease and create a feeling of trust and safety as she guides you through the exercises. I would recommend everyone to try TRE with Manjit. It is such a simple and practical thing that anyone can do to help them self.” 


“I was invited to a TRE workshop by Manjit. Not sure about what to expect even though I read an article about Bercelli’s work I was pleasantly surprised to find out how simple this technique really is. I have followed the steps and used this tool to help myself. Thank you Manjit.” 


“I would like to say my first TRE group session with you was quite something! I kind of knew what was meant to happen having researched TRE and thinking this is a great self-healing treatment and why would I not try it! But actually experiencing the tremors that can arise was quite something else. The simple techniques you demonstrated to follow made it easy to prepare the body and you were very clear about self-regulating and adjusting times and positions so I felt comfortable enough and not over exerted. This meant I was able to follow through and experience the tremors without discomfort or any uncertainty about what my body was experiencing. I know I can now use the TRE techniques regularly as it is the perfect tool to heal and empower me”.


“I came to see Manjit after she was recommended by my friend as I have been experiencing joint, muscle and mobility pain.  The experience was new to me as I have never taken part in anything like this before and went in with an open mind.

I found the session very informative, relaxing and was conducted professionally by Manjit.

While we worked through the seven key TRE moves I found it was different as my body has never experienced shaking in this way. After the session I was a little sore but felt a slight change in the level of pain my knees and hips.

Overall it was nice to learn a new technique to help maintain my symptoms and I will definitely recommend her and the treatment to friends and family.  Thank you Manjit for your help.”


“I would highly recommend TRE with Manjit Kaur. She explains the technique so well. You feel very relaxed after the session.”


Upcoming Workshops

Date/Time Event
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Tuesday Morning Monthly TRE Group
KY Southall, Southall Middlesex
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Tuesday Morning Monthly TRE Group
KY Southall, Southall Middlesex